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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Clark to go, but not right now

Federal Progressive Conservative party leader Joe Clark has said during a press conference today that he believes that, while he would be the best choice as PC party leader in a snap election, in a future election, his party would best be led by a new leader.

Clark noted that while his party's values were prefereable to a broad base of Canadians, his party was having trouble getting a broad base of Canadians to choose the Tories as their first choice.

Clark claims that this information is based on the largest nation-wide poll taken by the Progressive Conservatives in recent times. According to Clark, this poll indicates that Canadians do trust and respect the man, but are reluctant to vote for a party led by him.

Mr. Clark will ask for the party's National Council to defer the party's mandatory leadership review, scheduled for this August 22nd, to next year when a new leader would be chosen at the party's annual general meeting.

This would allow Clark to be in a position to contest an early election, while still allowing for a new leader to be in power for a year in the event that the next federal election was called in fall 2004. In addition, it will give the party the chance to recruit the best possible leadership candidates for a future convention.

Mr. Clark has said that he believes that his assertive style would serve his party well in a possible snap election this fall versus either Jean Chr├ętien or an untested Paul Martin. However, he has acknowledged that his leadership would be a hindrance, rather than an asset, in an election that would take place at a more traditional time.

10:50 AM PT/1:50 PM ET Clark has just said that this will likely be his last term in the House of Commons. I guess that this means no Paul Jackson vs. "Kyoto Joe" fight in Calgary.

Clark has said that he feels "some relief," now that he has decided to resign the leadership of the federal Tories.

10:58 AM PT/1:58 PM ET The press conference has just wrapped up... it's now time to go lookng for other people's reaction, and to write up my own for your consumption.

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