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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Friday, August 23, 2002

More news today on the federal Liberal succession

CBC News: Martin supporters say Chr├ętien's slow departure will hurt their candidate

However, Martin says he's willing to play a waiting game. (Toronto Star) Another story on the same theme from the National Post that features Vancouver-Kingsway MP Sophia Leung calling for a new leader in 2003. Interesting -- that's the first I'd heard from Ms. Leung in ages.

Some Martinites, though, are still pressuring the Prime Minister to leave sooner. Ontario MP Joe Volpe (Eglinton-Lawrence) is a strong Paul Martin supporter, and has publicly contemplated using the party's constitution to force the Prime Minister out sooner. The consitution calls for the party to elect a new leader within twelve months of the leader giving notice of resignation.

"The Prime Minister gave an indication of when he'd like to leave, but that authority rests singularly with the national executive, and I'm sure that they'll guard that authority jealously," said Mr. Volpe. "They set the date for a convention." Much of the Liberal Party national executive is believed to be supportive of Mr. Martin.
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