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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Slightly less gutless...

Ottawa to study gay marriage ban

"We want to have a committee to consult Canadians and experts on the matter," said [Canadian Prime Minister Jean] Chr├ętien.

Well, Jean, will you perhaps get this out of the way, one way or another, before the two years that the Ontario court gave you are up?

Why not, as Adam Radwanski has suggested, decide to go ahead and re-write the marriage laws to include same-sex marriages, and, in the process, put Paul Martin on the spot? Most of the Liberal Party's God Squad backs Martin, so he's in a tricky position.

Those who are vehemently opposed to same-sex marriages have not, by and large, voted Liberal for some time. The number of votes that the Liberals would lose by legalizing same-sex marriages would be miniscule, and would show that Jean Chr├ętien has the guts to make the tough decisions, and not let the courts sort things out every time a politically sensitive issue comes up.

Finally, Jean, why have you not got the guts to tell us what your opinions are> Two members of your cabinet, Foreign Affairs minister Bill Graham and Industry minister Allan Rock, have said that they're in favour of legalizing same-sex marriages. Why must you duck the question, Mr. Prime Minister?

Ontario court decision: Ruling says that laws banning same-sex marriages are unconstitutional.
WARNING: 14 MB PDF file!

Ontario court rules in favour of same-sex marriage -- news stories from July 12, 2002, when the ruling was issued
(Toronto Star) (CBC)
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