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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Saturday, August 24, 2002

Too little, too late

Yesterday, the B.C. Teachers' Federation (BCTF) apologized for some of their members' bad behaviour during contract negatiations this week.

On Thursday [August 22] , about 200 noisy teachers surrounded arbitrator Eric Rice's car as he left the hearings at a Richmond hotel, shouting "shame, shame!"

They called him a tyrant and demanded he quit. Some of the teachers accused him of shaking in fear -- Rice has Parkinson's disease -- and refused to let his car leave the parking lot for about five minutes.

About bloody time.

The antics of a handful of yahoo BCTF members have doubtless set the teachers' union back substantially in public opinion. Until this week, they'd been gaining ground on a government that was being seen by the public as mean-spirited and bully-like.

Now, the BCTF look like the bullies.

For an organization that likes to trumpet how their members teach students the evils of bullying, it's even worse.

BCTF president Neil Worboys should have apologized immediately, and not minced words while doing so. He should have condemned the actions of those rogue members in strong, and perhaps coarse language.

Instead of...

"It was an unfortunate incident and we sincerely apologize for any distress it caused him... We deeply regret that teachers' anger and frustration with the political process that Mr. Rice is engaged in spilled over into this type of incident.''


"This was utterly unaccceptable conduct by a few of our rogue members. Nothing justifies the immature behaviour of those people. We apologize profusely to Mr. Rice, who has been doing his job in a very tough situation. The members who intimidated him have been called on the carpet and will be disciplined in short order."

Damage control is critical. It would have been even better if some of the membersof the BCTF had held back the yahoos who were surrounding arbitrator Eric Rice. Unfortunately, the incident will giver plenty of ammunition to the teacher-bashers, and reinforce the stereotype that some people have of trade unionists as a bunch of goons

Here's the original story.
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