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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Monday, August 05, 2002

Up to his old tricks again...

B.C. Marijuana party leader, Vancouver mayoral candidate and entrepreneur extraordinaire Marc Emery has decided to thwart attempts by police to use drug-sniffing dogs on B.C. ferries by painting parts of the car decks with THC oil.

Good stuff! Emery is a media whore, and a self-promoter, but this action, along with perhaps a court ruling or two, might just get the West Vancouver police to reconsider this scheme of sytematically subjecting BC Ferries passengers to an examination by drug-sniffers.

To repeat: if the police have a specific tip that there will be a drug shipment on a ferry trip, then they should go ahead. Simply trolling for drugs because you think that people might be transporting them on ferries is not on, in my opinion.

Besides, we really should legalize and tax the stuff, along with subjecting the growers' profits to normal business taxes. It is ridiculous that this multi-bilion dollar industry, which exists regardless of the wishes of the powers that be, contributes nothing to the public coffers. This means that the rest of the people have to pay higher taxes, or go with fewer publice services, because pot contributes nothing to the tax base. Think about it.

Check out Emery's online TV channel if you like.
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