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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

What goes around, comes around or maybe...

Republicans go out of their way to ensure preferential treatment of minorities!

(who'd'a thunk it?)

"Yes, perhaps the panel 'looks like America' in its cosmetic inclusion of every ethnic group," he wrote, "But does the panel think like America?"

Well, George W. Bush's recent economic forum in Waco, Texas can be accused of that... but that's not what those comments were originally aimed at. For more, check out Jonathan Chait's piece entitled Skin Deep in The New Republic's online edition.

As often happens at Republican events like the economic forum and other such P.R. exercises, the organizers went out of their way to ensure that visible minorities were prominently featured in the proceedings. It's somewhat like the 2000 Republican National Convention, where the number of African-American speakers disproportionately large when one considers the number of African-Americans among the Republicans at large. It must have been quite an effort to find the people with both the right skin colour and conservative pedigree for the economic forum. But what's all this about, then?

Oh my Goodness! The GOP is giving preferential treatment for a minority! Isn't that against Republican principles, Colin Powell's beliefs notwithstanding?

Well, let's face it: Appearances, and getting votes among those haven't traditionally voted for you, are far more important than principles in the game of politics...

Why the hell am I creating such a stir, then?

Good question. I'll get off it now.

As for the lack of diversity of views at the President's economic thingamajig, what were you expecting? This was a made-for-TV event that TV didn't cover all that much in the end. Just think about the excitement of watching one speaker after another call for the same actions: cut taxes, and uh... when in doubt, cut taxes some more. This is apparently the conservative strategy to deal with any economic situation. But you already knew that. Watching the same set of ideas repeated ad infinitum would drive the most loyal Bushie to tears eventually. A little variety and controversy does wonders to pique peoples' interest.

At least Bruce Bartlett, who is an enthusiastic supply-side economist, and a former Reagan and G.H.W. Bush advisor, said that Bush's economic summit would accomplish nothing. Looks like he was right.

More on the Bush economic whatchamacallit from the Toronto Star's William Walker, including a couple of Doonesbury cartoon panels.
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