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Thursday, September 19, 2002

Civic political stuff.

I was down at COPE's nomination meeting last night at the Hyatt Regency in Vancouver; an interesing affair. The left-leaning civic party is in high spirits; the buzz among the party faithful was that for the first time in a decade, the ruling civic Non-Partisan Association is vulnerable for the first time in a decade.

Larry Campbell was acclaimed as the slate's mayoral candidate; the former chief coroner's acceptance speech was interrupted by a standing ovation that lasted for at least twenty seconds. COPE has been aggressively promoting their star candidate; party banners read "Larry Campbell and COPE." Media consultant and Georgia Straight columnist Bill Tieleman describes Campbell as a "cross-cleavage" candidate who appeals to parts of the political spectrum beyong COPE''s traditional left-wing and labour support.

COPE's 2002 civic nominees:


Larry Campbell

City Council

Fred Bass (incumbent)
David Cadman
Jim Green
Raymond Louie
Tim Louis (incumbent)
Anne Roberts
Tim Stevenson
Ellen Woodsworth

A recount was needed for the council nominations; Bass, Green, Cadman, and Louis were the highest vote-getters.

School Board

Allen Blakey (incumbent)
Jane Bouey
Noel Herron
Angela Kenyon
Kevin Milsip
Adrienne Montani (incumbent)
Allan Wong (incumbent)

Park Board

Heather Deal
Lyndsay Poaps
Eva Riccius
Anita Romaniuk
Loretta Woodcock

CKNW radio report on the meeting
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