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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Monday, September 09, 2002

Federal Liberal party machinations

The management committee of the Liberal Party of Canada's executive has decided that a convention to pick the successor to Jean Chr├ętien should happen in late fall 2003. This means that the successor will be chosen at least two months before Chr├ętien's announced retirement in Fevruary 2004.

"The management committee just made a unanimous resolution that the leadership convention be held, at a city still to be determined, between November 4 and December 6, 2003," national executive president Stephen LeDrew said outside an Ottawa hotel meeting room.

Liberal caucus chair Stan Keyes, a well-known loyalist of likely leadership successor Paul Martin, has indicated that the Liberal caucus is satisfied with the convention date, and that he will respect the Prime Minister's desire to stay on until early 2004.

Why the early convention date? There were concerns about the feasability (or the desirability) of holding a convention in Ottawa in January or February. The weather's not pleasant to many people. Many organizers also indiacted that they did not want to campaign over the Christmas holiday season, and would prefer the campaign be over before then. Also, Paul Martin suppoerters, who had originally wanted an early convention and leadership handover. Now, they don't need to campaign for 18 months -- more like 14 at most. Finally, it will allow hte leader-elect to install his or her people in the Liberal machine sooner, allowing them to work as part of the leadership for a longer time before a likely election in late fall 2004.

Coverage from:

The Toronto Star
Globe and Mail
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