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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Friday, September 06, 2002

Giving the Post its due, conclusion

There was also the coverage of Omar Khadr, the young Canadian-born Al-Qaeda suspect; it was rather permissive of the use of the American term "enemy combatant" which means nothing as far as I know in international law. Post writer Isabel Vincent was quite glad to get the opinion of a Royal Military College professor who said that he should not be given prisoner of war status, deserved no special consideration due to his young age (15) and should generally be strung up.

She also got the opinion of a Ed Morgan of the University of Toronto, who advocates denying prisoner-of-war status to "enemy combatants" because there's a war on or something like that. Very nice, you've covered one school of thought; what of those who thinks that young Khadr should be treated differently? Perhaps she should have tried to look at how others, including the Canadian depatment of Foregn Affairs, see things!

Or, perhaps, this quote from Prime Minister Chr├ętien sums things up.

"When a Canadian has been arrested abroad, we always have to serve the Canadian citizen according to the rules," Prime Minister Jean Chr├ętien said Thursday, responding to Khadr's arrest and detention.

Of course, it may be that he's not even al-Qaeda.

Yes, that's right, Posties. The rules, according to our government, are the same, whether one has been suspected of fighting with Al-Qaeda, or smoking a joint in Manchester. Of course, such an opinion might make sense to too many readers; therefore, it mustn't be given too much space!

And now, for the final bit of Post hypocrisy.

Since its founding, the Post has crusaded aqgainst the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for ideological reasons; the Post hates the idea of publicly funded anything. Since its acquisition by CanWest Global, its attacks opn the MotherCorp have grown louder and more insolent; the CBC now represents direct competition to the organization that the Post is part of.

This never stopped them from selling the CBC a 4-colour, 2-page centrefold spread in today's front section. Heavens to Murgatroyd, what are they doing here? Allowing the CBC to promote itself? Why, this isn't on; the CBC must be stopped, don't you know? OOPS, forgot... money trumps principle!

Most of the time, the Post makes me think that Canada's Kyoto targets could be met by getting their boorish commentators to shut up once in a while.
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