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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Friday, September 06, 2002

Hard Left
CAW president Buzz Hargrove considers NDP bid

The Canadian Autoworkers Union president .might run for the leadership of Canada's left-wing party if his union wraps us contract talks with General Motors by the end of the month. Hargrove says that he's been unimpressed with the six declared candidates so far; he thinks that none of them has advocated a ground-breaking socialist agenda, as Hargove has been suggesting.

For virtually the entire time that Alexa McDonough was leader of the NDP, Hargrove criticized her for "wishy-washy" policies.

Like John Tory with the Progressive Conservatives, will this guy shit or get off the pot? Hargrove has been publicly contemplating a bid for the NDP leadership for years, but has so far only seen fit to be a backseat driver. At least Mr. Tory has been quiet about the Progressive Conservatives' seeming drift over the last five years or so.

Some right-wing types have hoped that Mr. Hargrove would run for and win the NDP leadership; they believe that it would destroy the party. Perhaps they should think twice. If the NDP were to disappear, where, precisely, do they think that NDP voters would go? That's right... the Liberals! Perhaps, if conservative voters really want to weaken the Natural Governing Party, they should hope for a strong NDP sapping votes off the Liberals' left flank.
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