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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Izzy exaggerates again

Rioting protesters in Montreal who stopped former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu from speaking at Concordia University are like "Adolf Hitler and his Brown Shirts," CanWest Global chairman Israel Asper said yesterday.

Let's see here... the Brown Shirts were a paramilitary arm of a major political party and government. This was a handful of thugs with no governmental, and little popular, support. Get off it, Izzy. They were out of line, but to compare them to Nazi thugs is ridiculous; one could only wish that the SS were so benign.

Unless, of course, Asper likes to compare all those who dare criticize the State of Israel to Naziism; a thought that's crossed my mind in the past. Criticizing Israel over anything seems to be near enough to a firing offence in his organization, which controls one of the three Canadian television networks and 60% of the newspaper circulation in Canada.

Incidentally, Benjamin Netanyahu has said that his presence in New York today was nothing more than that of a private citizen paying his respects. As usual, when a politician says someting, it means different -- Bibi's been gunning for that softie Ariel Sharon's job for over a year now. Of course there's a political meaning to all this. Who is Netanyahu trying to kid here?
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