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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Monday, September 09, 2002

Mayoral machinations

Allen Garr is back, and this week he reports on how the deal to have former chief coroner Larry Campbell to run for the mayor under the Coalition of Progressive Electors' slate was actaully struck three weeks ago in a pub near the Vancouver airport.

With Campbell in the mayor's race, this will likely be the most exciting civic election in 15 years, when the ruling Non-Partisan Association(NPA) gained its uninterrupted hold on city council.

The left-leaning COPE will likely field its most impressive slate of candiates in years, with incumbent councillors Tim Louis and Fred Bass running again, along with prominent environmentalist David Cadman and longtime community activist Jim Green entering the race; Cadman and Green are both former COPE mayoral candidates. Former Vancouver-Burrard MLA Tim Stevenson will also seek a seat, as will Burrardview Residents' Association president Shane Simpson.

Meanwhile, the newly-formed Vancouver Civic Action Team (vcaTEAM) will run Better Business Bureau regional manager Valerie MacLean for mayor, giving the newly-formed centrist party likely the most well-recognized candidate for mayor. The centrist party was formed earlier this year by former NPA members who were displeased with the establishment party's increasingly right-wing tilt. The vcaTEAM founders, Art Cowie, Nancy Chiavaro, and Alan Herbert, were also openly critical of the NPA's treatment of now-outgoing Mayor Philip Owen, whose courageous approach to drug treatment in the downtown eastside won him praise from the community -- and scorn from his own party.

The NPA's handling of the Owen affair has cost them support from reliable areas; former provincial cabinet minister and Vancouver blueblood Stephen Rogers has said that he will seek a council nomination with vcaTEAM. This, from a man who, by conventional wisdom, would be tightly allied to the NPA.

Garr writes:
This is the biggest split on the right in 30 years. The last time TEAM emerged, the NPA was buried

It could happen again.

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