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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Monday, September 16, 2002

NPA calls COPE's online education gripe site 'negative strategy'

God forbid that there be such a thing as negative campaigning in civic politics!

Okay, so the civic party that is in a minority position on the city school board is running a web site that allows citizens to list their complaints about the NPA-dominated board's decisions. Where's the smear? It seems like politics as usual.

And, despite what the name might suggest, the Non-Partisan Association of Vancouver is as partsan as any political organization.

A quick note on 'negative' campaign tactics: voters always tell pollsters that they don't like campaigns that point out the opponents' flaws. However, voters often respond to the negative campaigns in the desired manner -- think of the Willie Horton ads of George H.W. Bush's 1988 presidential campaign or Jesse Helms's "White Hands" television ad that attacked affirmative action by appealing to the "you were more qualified, but you didn't get hired because you're white" line of 'reasoning.'

What didn't work in Canada was the 1993 Tory ads that drew attention to Jean Chr├ętien's facial palsy, or the 1997 Reform ads attacking French-Canadian leaders. You don't attack others over things which they can't control: it'll backfire almost every time.
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