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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Friday, September 06, 2002

Ripping the Post

Yes, I've loved tearing up the Monument to Lord Black's Ego since the day it launched. However, I've laid off it lately, but it's about time that I whupped 'em.

Today's edition showed just why it is that I have such a dislike for the paper and the gang of narrow-minded hypocrites that run it.

The lead editorial was an expected anti-Kyoto rant that grossly distorted the actual resistence to Kyoto. The Posties claim that more provincial premiers are opposed to the greenhouse-gas reduction treaty than is actually the case; the concerns of the likes of Saskatchewan's Lorne Calvert or Nova Scotia's John Hamm are in now way equal to the virulen opposition of, and rejection to, the Kyoto Agreement.

They also kissed the ass of Alliance chief Stephen Harper, who is the type of fool who believes that the market will solve environmental problems. According the the Post Putzes:

He rightly pointed out that the science of global warming remains uncertain...

Yes, if you believe the likes of statistician Bjorn Lomborg, or the gobs of "research" funded by the oil industry. "Follow the money" has become a rule in science and not just politics or journalism these days.

and argued for a more modest plan

Yes, "voluntary emissions reductions." Give me a break: this has been done since Rio in 1990, and has done absolutely no good, especially in North America, where the fuel-efficiency of the passenger-vehicle fleet has gone down over the last decade. In other words: Do Nothing.

At least the Post acknowledges that it believes that global warming is a hoax. Could someone please tell me what Ken Whyte and co. are on? I want me some of that, whether it's drugs or bribery. I'm a cheap whore.

This rant continues in the next two items; I apologize for this; Blogger doesn't handle large posts well.
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