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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Friday, September 13, 2002

This guy may be for real.

Vancouver Sun reporter Frances Bula writes that newly-minted Vancouver mayoral candidate Larry Campbell is indeed a serious, credible option for Vancouver voters, despite the protestations of rival Jennifer Clarke.

Clarke says that Larry Campbell is a one-issue candidate; some Non-Partsan Association strategists, claiming that the NPA has the same stance on drug tratment as Campbell, claim that he's a zero-issue candidate.

Not so fast, according to longtime federal and provincial Liberal party activist May Brown, who was a councillor with the original TEAM party during its heyday in the 1970's. UBC political science professor Paul Tennant, a small-c conservative, agrees, and notes that Campbell is a fine choice to present a modeate image for the left-leanming COPE party.

So too, do say former Vancouver mayors Art Phillips and Mike Harcourt. Jonathan Baker, a former NPA councillor, who split from the party ten years ago, thinks that Larry Campbell is a candidate with enough pull to win, which would be a first for COPE.

Although Mike Harcourt was associated in the minds of many with the left-leaning civic party, he never was a member; he ran for mayor and won as an independent. In some of the years that Harcourt ran, COPE didn't nominate a mayoral candidate.

Another related story from the Sun about the new Vancouver Civic Action Team's (vcaTEAM or TEAM) nomination meeting on September 12th can be found here.

COPE will hold its nomination meeting on September 18th, with the NPA picking its slate of council, school board, and parks board candidates on October 2nd.
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