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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Cultural Anthropology of Stephen Harper?

A possible explanation about just why Stephen Harper made a wiseass comment about openly gay MP Svend Robinson yesterday, and, in the process, stuck his foot in his mouth.

From someone with the nom de plume of "Emmanuel Goldstein":

"I stand by my assertion that Harper has never debated anyone with their spinal cord connected to their brain. I've lived in both of the regions that Harper is from, central Etobicoke and Alberta. I knew people that went to Richview [Collegiate, Harper's high school]. They cannot imagine a higher existance than stock options, a home in Brampton and a new Cadillac. Their only impediment to this dream is a cartel of black lesbian social workers, teachers unions and government file-clerks who mysteriously wield omnipotent power over all the universe. Their first, last and only line of defense against this onslaught of mediocrity was Mike Harris, who pleged to lower taxes, brutalize the poor and rule us like a King...

"In such a vacuous, materialistic, empty community, it's not a surprise that it produced a political leader like Stephen Harper. It's surprising that Harper isn't further to the right..."

On the life of Richview Collegiate students:

"Rich, white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant stoners. At age 13, these kids had the cops coming to their houses to break up parties. These kids used [various insipid television shows about high-schoolers] as their template for how to live. Their expectations of life are as I described previously."

And the future of the typical Richview grad?

"Queen's or Western. Take business, get drunk/laid/stoned, graduate, banking, married, 2.4 kids, Lexus, loan, house in Brampton [or Caledon, King, Oakville, what have you], mortgage, attractive temp, affair, divorce, alimony, counselling, realize problem is black lesbian social workers, vote Tory, divorce again, sell Lexus, repeat every 10 years, die."

Thank you, "Emmanuel Goldstein!"

...of course, this doesn't explain the need to make snide comments about openly gay Members of Parliament. For that, you've got to go to Alberta (actually, most areas away from the big cities will do, but in Alberta, you can still be anti-gay and well-respected at the same time!)

Earlier today, Stephen Harper rose in the House and apologized to Svend Robinson over his comments about just where Robinson's picture might be posted.
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