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Monday, October 14, 2002

Different voices, different choices

Most of the Vancouver political scribblings on the Scrum have dealt with the candidates, ideas, and machinations of Vancouver's two large civic partes -- the NPA and COPE, along with the upstart TEAM. But those parties only account for about half of the 119 candidates competing for the various city offices. Sure, the Big Two or Three parties have got most of the organizational muscle, the fundraising ability, and volunteer labour. This doesn't mean that you should ignore the other candidates out there; they all have someting interesting top contribute to the debate.

The Dance Party Party are running two youngish candidates for city council: Ryan Millar and Sarah Albertson. They admit to not having all the answers (hey, don't worry guys -- the city staff are acrtually there for a reason) ; but they do want a less uptight city, and one that will be a bit more inclusive in its decision-making processes.

Hell, I ran for city council in Prince George in 1996, and I also admitted to not knowing all that much; never stopped me from having a good time campaigning, and I still maaged to sc ore a few points, win a few votes... Give 'em hell, kids!

Political gadfly Brian Salmi, frequent independent camapigner and a surviving Rhino Party member (!) is running for both council and school board. His platform promises something for everyone (to get pissed off at.)

A little of Salmi's independent streak here:

I've watched as the soul of this town has been sucked out of it by faceless mini van driving bureaucrats and politicians who pander to the crème de le crème. I sense that you want things to change. Not everyone, however, is ready to sacrifice three years of their life to change the face of our city. I am.

The Vancouver Greens are back at it, and going it alone after their 1999 joint campaign with COPE, and their platform looks to be more of the same, even if the candidates have changed. The Greens are running three candidates for council, two for schhol board, and four for parks board.

Former Green, and outgoing Parks Commissioner, Roslyn Cassells is running as an independent for Vancouver city council after her recent split from the Green Party and her failure to secure a COPE endorsement for a council run last month.

More independent and minor party links to come in the next few days.
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