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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Harper: Classless Git.

Stephen Harper (CA - Calgary Southwest, AB)

Canadian Alliance Leader Stephen Harper came under fire from all sides today after making a remark about New Democrat MP Svend Robinson that some said was homophobic.

Yeah. No kidding. The Leader of the Opposition had already stuck his foot in his mouth when he accused Liberal cabinet ministers of being criminal and having their pictures hanging on police stations' walls. So Svend Robinson, who has been in Parliament for 23 years and knows the rules of the House well, rose on a point of order. He called Harper's accusations of criminality for what they were -- unparliamentary.

Robinson surely wasn't defending the conduct of (ex-) Cabinet Ministers like Alfonso Gagliano, Art Eggleton, or Lawrence MacAulay. That's for sure -- he had been attacking those ministers' conduct vigorously over the last several months, just as sure as most every member of the Opposition had. However, Robinson wasn't about to let a party leader (of a party that Robinson can't stand, to be sure) engage in that sort of attack. Accusing someone of criminality is serious. Duh.

Robinson stood up on a point of order.

Svend Robinson (NDP - Burnaby-Douglas, BC)

"Mr. Speaker, I've only been here 23 years, but I know that there are some rules in this place and you cannot refer to another honourable member as a criminal in the House of Commons and I demand that he withdraw the statement."
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