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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

What was Harper's response?

"Mr. Speaker, I'm sure the picture of the honourable member for the NDP is posted in much more interesting places than just police stations." That was Harper's remark. Was he insinuating something about Robinson, an openly gay man? Good question. Could it be seen as a snide remark about Robinson's sexuality? Yes.

And there's the problem. The Canadian Alliance has long been suspected of being a hotbed of homophobia. Harper's predecessor, Stockwell Day, saw gays as being second-class citizens. Former MP Bob Ringma saw nothing wrong with an employer sending gay (or, for that matter, black) employees to the back of a shop. Earlier this year, Alliance MP Cheryl Gallant told foreign-affairs minister Bill Graham to "ask your boyfriend" in Question Period. Harper's views on gays are ambiguous at best. This statement, whatever its meaning, doesn't help his case among anyone, and reinforces the perception of the Alliance as the homophobe's party of choice.

Dumb, Steve.

It was all unnecessary. Harper could have just retracted the original statement that raised Robinson's ire -- the one about criminal conduct by Cabinet ministers. He would have then been free to attack the Liberal government on ethics, an issue on which they are vulnerable. Instead, the story became one of a veiled slur of a gay MP by a right-wing party.

And the Alliance actually blame "the Eastern establishment," "liberal media elites," and the Progressive Conservatives for their failures? Christalmighty, their leader shot himself in the foot today, just as have his predecessors.

That kind of trouble you bring on yourself.
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