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Friday, November 08, 2002

It's time for a change: Vancouver voters

A new Vancouver Sun/Ipsos-Reid poll finds that Larry Campbell is way out in front in the Vancouver mayoral race. The poll, which is considered accurate to within +/- 5.4%, shows Campbell with the support of 56% of decided voters, with his chief rival Jennifer Clarke trailing badly at 29%, and Valerie MacLean still further behind, at 17%.

It's also not looking good for Clarke's party, the Non-Partisan Association. 72% of voters said that the current city council, which was dominated by the NPA, does not deserve to be re-elected.

Although 39% of respondents were undecided, Ipsos' Kyle Braid said that the undecided factor is not a major one in local politics. Brais notes in the story that those who haven't made up their minds at this point in a local election campaign are unlikely to vote at all.

From the poll's press release:

"The race isn't over yet, but clearly Jennifer Clarke has a lot of ground to make up" says Kyle Braid, Vice President of Ipsos-Reid in Vancouver. "There appear to be at least two things working against her in this campaign. First, Vancouverites want to see a change in their City Council and she represents the establishment much more than her competitors. Second, it has to be discouraging that despite her nine years of exposure as a City Councillor, she now trails Larry Campbell in awareness among Vancouver voters." Nevertheless Braid cautions Campbell not to celebrate yet, "With the low voter turnout in municipal elections a lot of things can happen. If Clarke's supporters are more motivated than Campbell's, or if Clarke's election-day team is better organized, we could still see a very close result."

Read the tables from the poll for yourself, and draw your own conclusions.
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