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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

The last word from the Sun's municipal election poll?

Another day, another story... Let it be said that paying for a public-opinion poll does give a paper some instant material to fill the pages. However, today's story on the Vancouver Sun municipal election poll correlates what qualities voters want in a mayor with who they want to be mayor. From the story:

Ipsos-Reid correlated the answers with voter preferences for mayor and found that those who think a vision for the future is paramount "strongly go for [Larry] Campbell, and those who think a good manager is most important are about evenly split between Campbell and [Jennifer] Clarke," said Kyle Braid, a vice-president with the polling firm.

Very useful, indeed. Ipsos doesn't normally provide cross-tabs on its publicly released poll results, so this does clear up some questions about just what voters were favouring which candidates.

This suggests that Clarke has not been able to get one of her key messages, that she is a good manager, across to voters. On the other hand, Campbell has articulated a strong vision for (one part of?) the city, even if he has not always been as clear on the details as has Clarke.
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