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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Negative ad fight heats up

COPE says that it's pulled its radio ad that questions Jennifer Clarke's character. The NPA, however, is sticking with its ads that claim that COPE is just the NDP in drag.

Links to ads from the two major civic parties:

The NPA's radio ads page, including the "COPE-NDP" ad that seems to suggest that if COPE is elected, the City of Vancouver will get into the fast ferry business, as well as the ad that suggests that council candidate Jim Green pocketed "hundreds of thousands" of dollars from a money-losing bank. That ad is the target of a possible lawsuit from Green, who thinks the ad to be libelous. Did someone mention that this is a dirty campaign?

COPE's video feeds page, currently showing their TV ad, and some footage from the mayoral forum organized by From Grief to Action, a group founded by families of those vho have fallen victim to drug addiction.

As for that other civic party, vcaTEAM? Yesterday, city council candidate Art Cowie assured the public that his party would not be pulling any ads, as they can't afford broadcast ads in the first place!
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