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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

The Scrum's pick of the 2002 congressional litter

You're looking at Stephanie Sailor, Libertarian congressional candidate in Illinois' 9th District. A provocative photo? Damn Straight. A no-budget candidate has gotta do what she's gotta do, and if sex appeal and handguns get your attention, well, then, it's worth it.

Yes, she's a libertarian, which means that she's pro-gun, against social-welfare problems, er, I mean, programs, and views the less fortunate with a certain contempt. However, the Scrum thinks that it's better to have a few libertarians in Congress -- and that libertarians are preferable to conservative Republicans, who view everyone and everything with contempt, and who are in favour of even more domestic government intervention than are most liberals -- and they want that intervention in the worst places.

At the very least, your average Libertarian is in favour of real, genuine, free trade. This benefits Canada's forest industry, reeling from protectionist meansures against Canadian lumber enacted at the behest of the Southern pine lobby. She's also against agricultural subsidies -- good for Canadian farmers, who cannot expect our govcernments to subuidize their acrtivities to the extent that the Americans subsidize their farmers.

So yes, the Vancouver Scrum heartily endorses Stephanie Sailor for Illinois' 9th District, for three reasons:

1) Why not? Can she possibly make the American federal government any more messed up than it already is?

2) She supports an immediate end to the War on Drugs.

3) We don't actually have to live with the result, therefore, the Scrum can make all sort of ridiculous, dumbass endorsements of Congressional candidates with (relative) impunity.
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