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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Sunday, November 17, 2002

Welcome to the New Vancouver

That might be a little dramatic, but the fact reamins that the face of Vancouver's civic government changed dramatically today. The ruling Non-Partisan Association, which had held a majority on Vancouver's city council since 1986, was tossed in Saturday's civic election.

The city's centre-left civic party, the Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE) scored as close to a sweep of all civic offices as it could. Every one of the party's candidates for the mayoralty, city council, school board, and parks board won, and the party's candidates topped the polls in every race.

As expected, Larry Campbell won the mayor's chair with a handsome majority, Campbell defeated incumbent councillor and mayoral nominee Jennifer Clarke by a margin of 80,772 to 41,936 with all polls reporting. Campbell's share of the popular vote was 57.8%, compared to Clarke's 30%. Campbell won in 119 of the city's 144 polling divisions; Clarke won 24, with one poll reporting a tie.

Elsewhere, COPE city council candidates Fred Bass, Jim Green, David Cadman, Tim Louis, Tim Stevenson, Anne Roberts, Raymond Louie, and Ellen Woodsworth won seats. NPA rookie candidate Peter Ladner and incumbent Sam Sullivan were the other two candidates elected; they finished ninth and tenth. respectively. Bass and Louis were COPE's two incumbent councillors.

Full election results can be found on the City of Vancouver's web site.
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