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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Monday, December 16, 2002

Warren Kinsella blogs!

If you just can't get enough of the most notorious (and possibly hated) political strategist in Canada, then this one's for you. Warren Kinsella, the punk rocker turned Liberal party operative, has added a web log to his personal site. Of course, Kinsella being who he is, he's not just using his blog to communicate his point of view, but he's also showing off some of the hate mail that he gets, and encourages his fans to spread havoc by flooding his critics' e-mail and other such nastiness. There's also a few well-placed swipes at Liberal leadership heir-apparent Paul Martin (duh).

Kinsella probably gets more attention that any other backroom operator in Canadian politics. Some of this is due to his media appearances, and the fact that he's written a few books, most recently Kicking Ass in Canadian Politics, but he also gets under the skin of his rivals. In the last election, the Canadian Alliance actually devoted a portion of their campaign website to attacking him, even though Kinsella himself was not running in the election. This was all fine by Kinsella; the more time the opposition spent attacking him, the less they could spend on Jean Chr├ętien and the rest of the Liberal Party.

(Kinsella did run for the Liberals in the 1997 election in the riding of North Vancouver. He lost to the elfin Reform-Alliance MP Ted White. Kinsella notes in his defence that North Vancouver hasn't voted Liberal since Mark Raines won in North Vancouver-Burnaby in 1974.)

He's an entertaining sonofabitch, that's for sure. Now, if only James Carville would start blogging...
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