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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Saturday, January 25, 2003

E-voting not ready for prime time?

Toronto blogger and "right-wing jackass" David Artemiw has found out just how easy it was to cast a fraudulent vote in the NDP leadership race. On his blog, he describes how he used the name of a pal who became an NDP member but who had no intention of voting to get a "replacement" login ID to cast a vote. Apparently the leadership election administrators didn't ask any further question to see if Artemiw was who he was claiming to be.

In fairness to the NDP, this kind of vote fraud could have been perpetrated for last year's Canadian Alliance leadership vote, assuming that you, like Artemiw, had a friend who was part of a party but had no intention of voting for the leader. In the case of the Alliance's mail-in vote, all you'd need is the ballots that were sent to every eligible Alliance member, and then voted, etc. Same with previous phone-in votes that have been used for Reform/Alliance, BC Liberal, and other party leadership votes where a one member/one vote leadership vote was in place.

Makes you wax nostalgic for delegated conventions, where votes were garnered through good old-fashioned arm-twisting, horse trading, and, of course, booze. Oh yes, and rigging party memberships so that you freeze out your competitors.

At least Artemiw voted for the impressive Pierre Ducasse.
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