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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Thursday, January 23, 2003

From an anonymous federal Liberal, on light of recent polls showing that the Canadian Alliance is losing support, and that the federal Liberals continue to ride high, 30-odd percentage points in front of whoever's second in the polls today. This is spin, but it's entertaining.
The present reality is simply this. Conservative ideology has run aground. The harshness of spending cuts, the corporate scandals emerging from unprecedented deregulation, and now the adventurism of the Bushites have succeeded in a new conventional wisdom sinking into the minds of the body politic the world over. The emerging view is simply that conservatives cannot be trusted. It has already had an effect in Latin America - Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Chile and Ecuador have all kicked conservatives out on their ass. In the United States, Bush's approval rating is sinking hourly. Tony Blair, the UK's most prominent conservative will be out on his ass forever in a few short months. The whole goddamn movement is collapsing faster than the WTC. Hence, Crout and his squad are at 52%. The era of the selfish neocon is drawing to a close, and its about goddamn well time. Forget about the math of uniting the CA and the Tories. It won't do any good (unless of course, they unite under the leadership of David Orchard). The Grits under Crout, Paul Martin or Alfonso Gagliano for Christ's sake, - - the Grits under anybody's leadership - - are going to make mincemeat of conservatives, whatever their goddamn label. The people have had it up to the teeth with the likes of Bush, Wolfevitz, Cheney, Rummy, Gordon Campbell, Kenny Lay, Ezra Levant, Silvio Burlusconi, Mikey Harris, Tits Harpoon, Presto, Stockboy, Fujimori, Worldcom, Enron, TimeLifeWarner, Tony Blair, Grant Devine, Arthur Anderson, Tubby Black, the National Post and the rest of those selfish, selfseeking millionaires who have stuck it up the ass of all of the common people of the world for the last twenty five years. Conservatives are fucking through! Rant Dick is through! Ptent too! Hail to the Grits! Hail to Crout! Crout's little indiscretions don't amount to a goddamn hill of beans compared to the larceny and cruelty committed by those greedy bastards. So forget about it. Power is going to be in the hands of the Grits for the next 50 years in this country because the people have been betrayed by all of those crooked self seeking, self promoting jerkoffs.
Even I'm not that big a Liberal fan. The guy who wrote this is a major-league partisan, and beats 'em all, hands down.
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