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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

If it's true that democracy gives people the government that they deserve, then we in B.C. must be some pretty damn awful people. The story of Gordon Campbell's drunk driving charge has not yet faded, and it's still being talked about at water coolers, in pubs, and in Internat message boards and newsgroups. Now that should be enough at one time in a normal province. But hey, this is B.C.

John van Dongen, the Minsiter of Agriculture and Fisheries, stepped aside today after he was told that the RCMP were investigating van Dongen's handling of a file on... fish farming. From hius early days in the position as the minister responsible for the aquaculture industry in BC, he was seen as more the promoter, not the regulator, opf the industry. His performace to date had earned him the nickname "Two Fish" from former Social Credit cabinet minister and fish farm opponent Rafe Mair over van Dongen's comments about how many Atlantic salmon from fish darms had escaped from coastal aquaculture operations.

Being the industry's lackey is not, however, reason to be subject to an RCMP investigation. So what was van Dongen doing, or what was he suspected of doing, that led to this investigation?

In other news, Delta South Liberal MLA Valerie Roddick might be the first politician in Canada to be recalled by her constituents. Organizers claim that they've gotten the signatures of over 13,000 voters in the riding, some 1,150 more than necessary to force a by-election in the riding. However, there's one little problem for recall organizers: Delta South is probably the safest Liberal seat in the Lower Mainland. if there were to be a by-election, who would the voters of that rather conservative and well-to do community vote for? The NDP? Hah! In the last two votes in Delta South the Greens beat the NDP.

Political chaos -- it's as much a part of life in British Columbia as really good weed, logging, and whining about the Eastern Bastards from Banff to St. John's who apparently conspire to ruin the province.
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