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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Jean Chretien biographer and former Southam News typist Lawrence Martin argues in the Globe and Mail that Canadians haven't moved anywhere nearly as far to the right as have their media. Well, that's pretty obvious. Hell, if editorial support from the media really moved voters, we'd be talking about Prime Minister Stockwell Day (shudder). Sure, it's a column about the terribly obvious, but what the hell, it's worth looking into.

Now, can you guess who wrote this one?
Canadians are free to fantasize about a North American Supreme Court with the likes of Madame L'Heureux-Dubé on it, just as I'm free to fantasize about being strapped to a rack while a whip-wielding Sheila Copps walks across my back in stilettos. But my fantasy's got more chance of coming true.
That gem came from Mark Steyn, the very funny and literate madman who happens to be Conrad Black's favourite "journalist".

The thought of Sheila Copps in that way is really quite off-putting. I had thought that Steyn was far off the deep end when he wrote about how the Americans with Disabilities Act had caused the pathetic scenario of disabled workers in the World Trade Center being unable to jump out the windows to their deaths. However, sexual fanatasies about Ms. Copps takes the cake.

I suppose if Mark is reduced to fantasies about Tequila Sheila, it's proof that Canada could use more women in politics. At least those who are attracted to men can fantasize over Peter MacKay, Rahim Jaffer, and Scott Brison.
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