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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Monday, February 03, 2003

Liberal arachnid Warren Kinsella has, for reasons not completely clear, posted the PowerPoint slides from some little speech that he made to a weekend meeting of young Ontario Tories. Apparently, it wasn't the usual harrowing expedition into the enemy's camp, or at least not what you'd expect when a rather well-known, outspoken Liberal comes to crash a Tory Party.

I'll have to take Warren's word on the demeanour of young Progressive Conservatives. After all, there are likely less than 100 young Tories in the entire Province of British Columbia, so how would your hunble correspondent know of such things?
No curses, no threats, no projectiles sent my way. Seldom have I clapped eyes on a nicer, more wholesome, more clean-cut group of youngsters. It was like being trapped in a room with a bunch of Donny and Marie clones.
That's actually scarier than a room full of vicious, snapping neo-cons. Combative SOBs I can handle. Polite young people with entrenched conservative ideals? Yoinks!

However, the slides prompt some new questions... Did Mike Harris really say, “I am not uncomfortable with homicide where Warren is concerned. But don’t get caught, okay?” Okay, I wouldn't put it past Harris, given the thuggish way that he ran the government of Ontario. Also, there was this standard note on the slide presentation:
These slides are part of a Navigator presentation and are
Incomplete without the accompanying oral commentary.
I wouldn't mind hearing that accompanying oral commentary. It might just be entertaining.

Of course, you should read Warren's blog -- it may be the key to your personal success as a human being.
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