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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Did I just hear this? Earlier in Question Period, Canadian Alliance leader Stephen Harper said, "We can't get regime change in Canada quickly enough," in one of his questions. Regime change? As in forcible removal of the government by a foreign power, as in what the United States about to do in Iraq? That's very democratic of you, Stevie. That sort of bafflegab is not uncommon from Alliance supporters ranting on USENET, but is it too much to ask the Leader of the Opposition to show at least a modicum of respect for Canada's electoral process -- even if his party and philosophy comes out on the losing end?

I think that I'll stick it in the file with Harper's ravings about how by declaring neutrality, Canada is cheering for Saddam. If Canada is now cheering for Saddam, was the United States cheering for Hitler for the first two years of the Second World War?

(I'll check the edited Hansard on the Parliamentary Internet site after it is posted later tonight or tomorrow morning. It's possible that mine own ears deceive me, but I don't think so...)
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