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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Here's something that you might not have seen...

Part of Gordon Campbell's mantra during the 2001 B.C. election campaign was that tax cuts promised by his B.C. Liberals would 'pay for themselves.' He repeated this over and over: in stump speeches, presentations to the Vancouver Board of Trade, television ads, the one and only leaders' debate (moderated by CNKW talk show host and avowed Campbell fan Bill Good), radio interviews, you name it. Now, very few economists, except for those who always believe that the tax burden always intersects the upper part of the Laffer Curve, believe that income tax cuts of the type proposed by Campbell pay for themselves. Neither did Liberal advisor David Bond, who figured that you could count on about 40% revenue recovery due to increased economic activity. That statement cost Bond his job at HSBC.

Well, the tax cuts aren't paying for themselves. The Vancouver Sun didn't print this footnote to Paul Willcocks's post-budget column, but here it is:
Footnote: Are the tax cuts paying for themselves? Income tax produced $6 billion for government services before the cuts. This year they will be about $4.2 billion. At the curent rate it will be 2008 before they have recovered. Not necessarily bad; but not what the Liberals promised.
Looks like the guy with the Ph.D in economics (Bond) was right all along, and the certified flight instructor (Finance minister Gary Collins) got it wrong.
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