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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Monday, March 17, 2003

I've just been reminded why the Canadian Alliance party disgusts me as much as it does. In response to Prime Minister Chr├ętien's statement in Parliament that Canada will not participate in an invasion of Iraq, Alliance leader Stephen Harper said, "[I]f the Liberals are going to be cheering for Saddam Hussein then they should have the guts to say so."

Need I say more?

Memo to Tits Harpoon: Canada is not supplying arms or troops to Saddam Hussein. Our government is in no way going to do anything to aid Saddam if the Americans invade Iraq. To my knowledge, the government is no fan of Saddam Hussein and has done nothing to prop up his government over the last 12 years since the first Gulf War. For Harper to insinuate that the Liberal government is cheering for Hussein is below even his party's usual cheap-shot standards. Canadians aren't dumb enough to fall for Harper's lies, and they're smart enough to punish his party at the ballot box for his disgraceful conduct.

Former Alliance strategist Rick Anderson was much more honest about the Canadian stance. He didn't say that the Canadian government supports Saddam, but he accurately lumped us in with the other nations, such as France and Germany, that do not support an invasion of Iraq to change its government -- at this time. Too bad his former party can't follow his lead.
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