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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Friday, March 28, 2003

No, Laurier LaPierre did not say "Screw the Americans!"

... to back up a bit, on Tuesday when another senator was making a speech about Russia's sales of arms to Iraq, Senator Laurier LaPierre interjected, "So did the Americans!" Now, putting aside the fact that the Americans didn't sell very many munitions to Hussein (if he had, then Husseim would be using M-60 talks instead of T-55's, and soldiers would be armed with M-16 rifles instead of AK-47's or locally built knockoffs) for a second, shouting "Screw the Americans!" in that contect would make little sense, even for a Parliamentarian. Independent observers of all political stripes have concluded from listenting to sound recordings that LaPierre did say what he claimed that he had -- although that wasn't enough for Canadian Alliance MP Jason Kenney, whose new role is apparently to attack anti-Americanism, real or imagined, by Liberal politicians. It's a role that the rabidly pro-American Kenney relishes, but he should have curbed his enthusiasm on this particular case.

Yesterday in Question Period, Kenney repeated the charge that LaPierre had screamed "Screw the Americans!" This earned him a rebuke from Prime Minister Chrétien, who pointed out that Kenney's acusations had no basis in fact. Chrétien suggested that Kenney should apologize to Sen. LaPierre in the House, and that until Kenney apologized for his false allegations, Chrétien would not answer any more of his questions. Score one for Chrétien -- albeit due more to his opponents' incompetence than Chrétien's own skill.
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