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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Friday, March 21, 2003

Some will see French President Jacques Chirac's call for the international community, not the US and UK, to have a central role in the rebuilding of Iraq as another cheap shot at the 'coalition of the willing'. That it may be. Certainly, that is how the France-bashers on both sides of the Atlantic, including in this country, will see it.

Chirac, whatever his motivations may be, has reasonable idea. The Iraqi people have been told for the last 12 years that it is the US and UK who have been the causes of their suffering, that the post-Gulf War sanctions that crippled Iraq's economy were the work of the Yanks. Is it true? Maybe. I'm not sure, but it the context of working with the Iraqi people after the overthrow of Saddam, it really doesn't matter. They believe it to be true, and they're not likely to trust countries that they believe to have screwed them over for as long as many Iraqis can remember. The majority of the country's population is under 25, and all they can remember is their country at war, and one must wonder what those Iraqis who can remember when the US was Iraq's friend think of the American government now. When one considers that, the case for having a UN-led reconstruction of Iraq, with prominent involvement of nations that the Iraqi people believe to be their friends, is a strong one.

It's certainly more likely to succeed than a new Iraqi regime designed, built, installed, and (initially) operated by the United States. That didn't work so well the last time it was tried -- it led to that fellow, whatsisnameagain.... right! Saddam Hussein!
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