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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Thursday, April 24, 2003

The Alberta Advantage: $3/hr employees?

I swear that I am not making this up. From the CBC:
CALGARY - A Chapters store in Calgary has rehired a man with Down syndrome after the company had said his $36-a-week salary was adversely affecting their bottom line.
And they've given him a raise.
Yes, the Canada's biggest bookseller was paying a Calgary man $36 for 12 hours of work a week. They then fored him, citing budget constraints. Jeez.

That wage is so low, it's even illegal in Alberta, where the minimum wage is $5.90/hr. You'd have to go back to the late seventies to find a minimum wage that low in Alberta, B.C., or Ontario.

Well, firing an employee who was earning barely half the legal minimum foesn't look good for the ol' corporate image (even in a province where niggardly employers are at least tolerated if not celebrated.) Chapters has since re-hired the guy, and they'll actually pay him the Alberta minimum. How very generous. No comment yet from Chapters Overlord and Micromanger Heather Reisman, otherwise known as She Who Controls Far Too Much of the Canadian Book Retail Market.
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