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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Martin Blitzes Media. Blogger Yawns.

Anyone surfing up and down the Canadian cable-TV dial today can't get away from He Who Would Be Prime Minister. So far today, Paul Martin's appeared on the directionless CBC News: Sunday, CTV political gabfest Question Period, some phoney "town hall" in Montreal on CPAC, and CBC Radio One's Cross Country Checkup.

I actually tried to pay attention to the town hall, and to one of the interviews, but I must admit that I found it exceptionally hard to pay enough attention to decide if Martin actually said anything worth commenting on. My sympathies to the hacks who actually have to cover the guy; they're doing the thankless job of covering the guy who's got the Prime Ministership sewn up. Then again, others say the same thing about sitting through meetings at Vancouver City Hall trying to figure out if anything significant happened.

Oh, wait. Martin said that Canada should get in on the Son of Star Wars a/k/a the Bushies' National Missile Defence thingy. That'll make him real popular with the left-leaning part of the Liberals. Also said that it made no sense to saddle people with a criminal record for posessing pot, which might earn him the ire of the law 'n order set. He might have said something else, but I nodded off on this lazy Sunday and can't be bothered to go over the tapes right now.

Besides all that, it's Game Two of Vancouver versus Minnesota, and right now, playoffs trump politics...

Wait a second! That's the man's strategy -- reveal his platform when Canadians are distracted by playoffs! Brilliant!
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