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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Monday, April 21, 2003

Morgue File Sneak Peek!

CNN got a little egg on its face last week when people discovered that the network's web site housed under-construction online obits of the famous and infamous.

News organizations prepare ready-made obituaries of prominent figures. The obits-to-be are also known as the morgue file, a project usually assigned to some cub reporters copy editors and researchers. What's different today is that the olde morgue files stayed somewhere in the news organization's storge, ready to be used -- not on a publicly accessible web server, where files are usually available to anyone who knows how to work a search engine like Google or AllTheWeb.

CNN has since pulled the "Dick Cheney, 1941-2001" pages (and other like it) from their web servers, but not before the good people at The Smoking Gun saved some screen shots for your enjoyment.

Don't you just love the Web? However did you entertain yourself before you installed Mosaic after manually configuring that TCP/IP stack on your three-generationsd removed machine in 1993 or so?

Screenshots from The Smoking Gun. (link should now be permanent)

New York Times article on the minor morgue file gaffe.
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