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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Friday, April 11, 2003

Republican Fiscal MisManagement Illustrated

Notice a trend among U.S. federal government deficits over the last quarter-century? I do. The Democrats are accused of being tax-and-spenders, but then what the hell do you call the GOP? Borrow-and-spend?

More bad news for those in the U.S. who are comewhat concerned about their government’s fiscal position: The latest monthly budget review from the Congressional Budget Office shows that in the first six months of the current fiscal year, the U.S. deficit totalled $248-billion, and that’s in greenbacks, not loonies. In the same October-March period last year, the deficit was $132-billion. Ominously, the CBO also notes in this month’s report: “However, the supplemental appropriation bill currently under consideration would add more than $40 billion to 2003 outlays and the deficit.”

Now, the Bush-boosters will try to claim that the US federal government’s sorry fiscal picture is because of the war. However, the actual figures don’t bear this out. Defence and military spending was only $22-billion higher than the previous year, which accounts for less than one-fifth of the increase in the deficit. The nearly $60-billion fall in government revenue (thanks to Bush’s irresponsible tax-cutting) is a much larger factor. Of course, it seems that the GOP has little problem with spending -- as long as the money that they spend now is collected from future taxpayers.

(Thanks to Mike Bultrowicz, who first found this chart on
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