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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Fun with headline writing

The downside of media convergence, downsizing, and streamiling means that the same story written by the same hack will be run ad nauseam over Christ-knows-how-many papers. For consumers who appreciate getting different perspectives on a story, that sucks. The upshot is that you can see how different outlets play not just the same sotry, but the same report. Witness this front-page piece by National Post Ottawa Poobah Bob Fife on Jean ChretiƩn's chat with the hacks during a transatlantic flight to some sort of gathering of leaders.

Now spot which paper "torqued" the headline.

a) Vancouver Sun: Chretien slams Bush for $500-billion U.S. deficit

b) National Post: PM says he's better than Bush

c) Ottawa Citizen: PM rips Bush's $500B deficit

d) Edmonton Journal: Chretien takes jabs at Bush, U.S. policies

[Note the lack of accents aigu in the headlines. What gives?]

If you answered anything other than b, you must be a Canadian Alliance member. If you answered b, then give yourself a pat on the back for recognizing that while the National Post might have a new team at the top, they're still up to the same old tricks.

For those of you stuck in a market where CanWest dominates the news; and where the Fife story's the only one that made it into print in your area, you have the Internet. Use it -- and have a look at Reuters's report on that same flight over the Atlantic.
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