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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Saturday, May 10, 2003

How To Be Unthinking

My, my, what should we do with would-be Parliamentarian Marian Meinen? Apparently Meinen, who faces the voters in the rural Ontario riding of Perth-Middlesex in Monday's by-election, called her fellow Ontarians "unthinking masses" in a letter published last year in the Calgary Sun. The possibly-unstated reason for 12 million Canadians being "unthinking masses" has something to do with electing Liberals to Parliament, rather than the Canadian Alliance of Ms. Meinen. (Originally found on New Improved Head and Warren Kinsella's Musings.)

Someone over at the Alliance Department of Electoral Strategury should tell its potential candidates that it's a really bad idea to characterize large swaths of Canadians in such a negative manner -- Atlantic Canadians are still smarting over Alliance leader Stephen Harper calling them "defeatist" and former pollster John Mykytyshn calling them lazy welfare bums. Then again, perhaps it's Alliance policy to slag off any part of the country that, oh, doesn't always vote for them. Can you imagine the outrage if Jean Chr├ętien called Albertans "a horde of mouth-breating, slack-jawed rednecks?" You'd never hear the end of it. Lesser barbs by Liberals have been taken as greater insults by Albertan editorialists and politicians.

I'd say that there's one Ontarian that hasn't been thinking too straight... Marian Meinen.

Footnote-in-mouth: Meinen's campaign website borrowed its Flash introduction from the site of Calgary West MP Rob Anders. Anders was last in the news two years ago when he tried to block Parliament from awarding honourary Canadian citizenship to Nelson Mandela. Prior to that he was best known for publicly declaring that he is a virgin. Fortunately for the human gene pool, Mr. Anders is still a virgin. Unfortunately for Parliament, Mr. Anders's seat in Calgary is as safe as his virginity.
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