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Agh! You’re still here? My new site and weblog, is now up and running; new posts are building up over there, never to be mirrored here. Go! What are you waiting for? All the stuff worth keeping has been migrated over to the new server, and I don’t anticipate making any more posts here.

Bloggers and webmasters: Update your links! Simply replace with in your blogrolls or bookmarks to point to the new site. Old posts will remain on this server for as long as the people at Blogger/Google allow them to remain; unfortunately, I’m not going to bother to come up with any way of converting permalinks on this blog to their corresponding posts on the new site. Yes, I plead laziness. I also realize the irony of switching away from Blogger just it starts to add features that the demanding blog nerds insist upon.

Thanks for reading and linking, and see you over at!

—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Friday, November 28, 2003


Google delayed is...

Despite this story about a certain Canadian Alliance MP arguing that homosexuality should be outlawed, the Google searches

"larry spencer" homophobe

"larry spencer" bigot

return nothing at all. That'll change soon enough.

Meanwhile, some reax to the NDP electing Carole James as leader: Georgia Straight newsman Charlie Smith says that cynical hacks are underestimating her abilities and appeal. Okay, perhaps if people are looking for yet another politico spouting insubstantialities, sure. After all, she makes like a soccer mom! Oooh! The Legions of Handwringers unite! Meanwhile, my man Brian Salmi thinks she's space filler. I fired off this blase dispatch to Terminal City after the weekend exercise in somnabulism that was the NDP convention. Lest you think that I'm being nasty or anything, it could have been worse. I could have written nothing about the convention, opting instead for a happily chauvinistic Ode Upon the Ass of [BC NDP prez] Maura Parte instead of about what was going on at the Howard Hughes Hotel. So there.

Ah, the exquisite bitchiness of being up late and watching Family Guy!

(And was it just me, or were you also caught off guard by the other day's National Post editorial wishing for Family Guy's return? I just can't imagine Matthew Fraser sniggering his ass off at Peter Griffin's lovable idiocy...)
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