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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Monday, May 31, 2004


Poll Vault: Day 9

Good news(?) for the Grits -- SES Research/CPAC: Liberal 36, Conservative 26, NDP 20, Bloc 13, Green 5. (May 28-30, n=600, +/-4.1%, 19/20)

Bad news for the Grits -- Ipsos/CTV/Globe and Mail: Liberal 34, Conservative 30, NDP , Bloc 11 (44 in Quebec), Green 6, Other 2. (May 28-30, n=1000, +/-3.1%, 19/20) Notable: Grits and Conservatives statistically tied in Ontario, NDP falls sharply in BC (though the BC sample is only about 130 people), 66% of Canadians are saying time for a change -- but what kind of change? Ipsos' seat projections don't show any party getting a majority, and the only coalition that would exceed 156 seats would be a possibly unthinkable Bloc-Conservative coalition. Wouldn't you love seeing those two try to hash out foreign, social, or energy policy? Well, maybe if you're into soap operas...

OBVIOUS QUESTIONS: With the Conservatives being very close indeed to at least a share of power, will the national media begin to harsly scrutinize on the Conservatives' agenda once the platform is further revealed this week? Will anyone be able to figure out just what sort of government Stephen Harper is actually talking about, or will it be whatever government you want him to provide?
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