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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Monday, May 31, 2004


Sign Wars, Day 9

With a week gone in the campaign, the lawn signs are now more than a curiosity. The Liberals were quick on the draw, setting up signs for their star (read: handpicked) candidates Ujjal Dosanjh and David Emerson as soon as the election call came. The others have now started to catch up. In Dosanjh's Vancouver South riding, NDP candidate Bev Meslo has made a pretty good showing considering the NDP's recent poor showings in South, with roughly one sign for every three of Dosanjh's. This is not altogether bad news for Conservative candidate Victor Soo Chan, who trails both the current and former NDPer; more support for Meslo means less for Dosanjh, giving Soo Chan a decent shot at the riding.

North of 41st Avenue in Vancouver-Kingsway, the Ian Waddell campaign has finally responded to Liberal candidate David Emerson's early flurry of 4' × 4' lawn signs with a major blitz of his own, especially in Kingsway's eastern reaches. Conservative Jesse Johl also has a few signs up. Vancouver East has a glut of Libby Davies signs after a weekend of blitzing by some of Davies's thousand-plus volunteers; you've got to work hard to find a sign for any of her rivals. Conservative Stephen Rogers and Liberal incumbent Stephen Owen are both making strong showings in Quadra in a battle of Vancouver bluebloods; NDPer David Askew trails.

Downtown Vancouver is not a place where you'll find many signs, for the simple reason that ther aren't many lawns. Unfortunately, vandals hit the offices of two very different Liberals: Vancouver-Burrard MLA Lorne Mayencourt and Vancouver-Centre MP Hedy Fry both had their office windows smashed in over the weekend.

Oh, and outgoing Vancouver South MP Herb Dhaliwal has called for Liberal campaign Svengali David Herle's head. Any bets on how many other Grits share Herb's views on the Martin juggernaut-that-ain't?
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