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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Day 11: Trail Mix

Election stories from around the Web:

  • The Liberals take a different tack, sending sitting Cabinet ministers out to challenge Stephen Harper as he swings through Ontario. Conservatives fire off huffy press release denouncing this tactics as "sad" (not on the website though -- but it did arrive in my email -- ik), despite the fact that they themselves had earlier announced that they'd be sending a "truth squad" MPs to Paul Martin tour stops.

  • After Conservative health critic Rob Merrifield voiced the idea that women seeking abortion should be forced to see an outside counsellor before proceeding, leader Stephen Harper said that he has no intention to discuss abortion during the campaign.

  • Jack Layton discovers that there's enough blame to go around when it comes to Canada's homeless situation.

  • The Star's Tonda MacCharles (apparently not a favourite among the Conservative spinners) takes a tough look at the cost of Stephen Harper's law n' order platform. Hint: it wouldn't pay for itself, and contains some promises that ought to set off alarm bells at the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

  • In Quebec, the Marijuana Party gets off the couch and onto the trail. At least they'll have the best munchies. Surprisingly, the Marijuana Party's presence in BC is not what you'd expect. Once NDP leader Jack Layton professed his support for legalizing pot, West Coast pot activists threw their support to the Dippers.

  • Following yesterday's front-page story on how Canadians apparently favour two-tier health care, today's National Post gives big play to a Canadian Chamber of Commerce pitch for slashing taxes and spending.

  • In today's Vancouver Sun, Frances Bula takes a look at where the parties stand on Vancouver's Richmond-Airport-Vancouver rapid transit line. Two Liberal candidates say it's for SkyTrain only, Minister Owen is more flexible; the NDP's Ian Waddell says give 'em the money and let them spend it as fir (repeated later yesterday by Jack Layton), Conservative leader Stephen Harper is noncommittal, while Vancouver-Quadra candidate Stephen Rogers is opposed to a rapid transit line to the airport.

    More later today.
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