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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Dumb shit you do in college

Thanks to Google, that dumb shit that you wrote, spouted, or believed when you were 20 can now be preserved for all time. Just ask Malcolm Azania. Previously known only as "the dude who flaked out on Political Animal", Azania penned a rant about whether Jews were "friends or enemies" ten years ago while at the University of Alberta, then posted it on USENET. Colby Cosh dug up Azania's un-a-musings; from there it hit the fan.

I'm really not sure what to make of all this. Part of me says that politicians should get a free pass from college buffoonery; hell, that's when you're expected to experiment with weird sex, drugs, and ideology. The issue, to me, seems not to be so much about whether or not you had some whacko beliefs when you were muddling through Political Science 333: Half-Diabolical Diatribes, but whether you still hold them. If Azania was still musing about Jews being the enemy, then he ought to be questioned even more severely than what he's been getting. On the other hand, if he came to realize that he wrote a load of rubbish, then let it slide, I say.

The same would go for Tri-Cities Conservative MP James Moore; NDP rival Charley King's campaign decided to go after Moore for op-eds that he wrote while in university:
In "Over The Edge", a University of Northern BC student newspaper, James Moore wrote an article on Nov.1 1999 entitled ?The Flip Side of Abortion Extremism?. In the article, James Moore vehemently opposed any legislation allowing for abortions in the case of the mother's well-being at stake. Incredibly, he states that "her well-being could be self-defined as perhaps not wanting to gain weight, or not wanting to lose the use of a wardrobe."
What Azania's case does illustrate is that this is a weird new world, where your every incoherent online rambling may be cached and archived, just waiting for someone to dredge it up. Older politicians had it easy -- they left fewer tracks back then.

update: NDP leader Jack Layton has distanced himself from Azania's comments.
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