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Agh! You’re still here? My new site and weblog, is now up and running; new posts are building up over there, never to be mirrored here. Go! What are you waiting for? All the stuff worth keeping has been migrated over to the new server, and I don’t anticipate making any more posts here.

Bloggers and webmasters: Update your links! Simply replace with in your blogrolls or bookmarks to point to the new site. Old posts will remain on this server for as long as the people at Blogger/Google allow them to remain; unfortunately, I’m not going to bother to come up with any way of converting permalinks on this blog to their corresponding posts on the new site. Yes, I plead laziness. I also realize the irony of switching away from Blogger just it starts to add features that the demanding blog nerds insist upon.

Thanks for reading and linking, and see you over at!

—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Monday, June 14, 2004


The French Leaders' Debate

I'm incredibly bad at listening to debates with on-the-fly translation -- if you're not really keeping your eyes on the screen, it's hard to keep track of which translator is voicing which leader. Maybe I'll try to tape the debate and watch it through tomorrow. Then again, I could just rely on those who actually watched the thing the first time out. Hey, that's a good idea...

Optimus Crime comes to our rescue with a fine post-mortem, complete with reviews of all four leaders' performances. Apparently Gilles Duceppe outdid the rest, and the two Anglos got left behind.

Meanwhile, Sean Holman at Public Eye took notes, then took shots. Apparently Gilles Duceppe can reduce every issue to Liberal flim-flammery, Paul Martin is a closet hip-hop fan, and Stephen Harper has forgotten that you don't stress your love of the U.S.'s missile defence system or vague opposition to same-sex marriages to an aufdeince where the former's deeply unpopular, while the latter has healthy support...
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