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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Friday, June 25, 2004


Reynolds spinning away...

Conservative party co-chair, former Howe Street hustler, and party animal John Reynolds, while explaining how MP Randy White's talk of using the notwithstanding clause to ban abortion and gay marriage are strictly his own and not those of the Conservative party, invokes the Conservatives' token gay candidate, Gary Mitchell:

"We have an openly gay man running in Vancouver Centre, we think it's a 3-way race, and we think we've got a chance of winning it."

Okay, John. I'm next door to Vancouver Centre, and the only concentration of Gary Mitchell signs is in his campaign office. The NDP's internal polling shows Mitchell third, and his campaign team do not have the air of near-winners about them. The only way Mitchell wins this one is if every Liberal and NDP voter in downtown Vancouver contracts the Norwalk virus over the weekend.

Of course, Reynolds also is confident that the Conservatives will take 30 of B.C.'s 36 seats. Give him credit, though, for no longer claiming that he'll sweep the province.
The problem with Mitchell is that, for all he's an "openly gay man", he doesn't speak to the issues that most occupy the minds of the people in "his" riding. Hedy Fry, love her or hate her (and I've grown to love her a LOT less over the years), knows her constituency like the back of her hand - the immigrant community, yuppies, gays - the works - and knows how to talk in our language.

So I figure the Conservatives need that token gay man, and knowing they'll never take Vancouver Centre anyway, they put one on the ticket to try and serve as a red herring for all the scared voters. I would be curious to see whether he's been anything of an aenesthetic for people who were pained by Conservative anti-gay rhetoric.
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