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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Friday, June 25, 2004


Your answer

So prominent Conservative MP Randy White has said that he'd see that a Conservative government would invoke the constitutional override clause in order to ban abortion and same-sex marriage.

Paul Wells asks:
It is nothing but hypocrisy for Paul Martin to cite Randy White as proof of Conservative extremism unless he promises, right now, today, to evict Roger Gallaway from the Liberal caucus. Because there is not a thin dime to separate White's views on the courts from Gallaway's.

Why is White proof of Conservative extremism, while Gallaway deserved a promotion to the Privy Council?
ANSWER: Roger Gallaway is a career backbencher whose views on both abortion and same-sex marriage are repeatedly repudiated by his own party and government.

Randy White is among the most senior Conserative MPs, frequently touted as a potential justice minister, and who was his party's spokesman on justice for several years. Only now, with an election at stake, have the Conservatives seen fit to distance themselves from him. He's held thiose views for a very long time; the Conservatives never had a problem with his stance until now.

ELSEWHERE: Mike Sugimoto is not pleased in the slightest about White, and it's trying his commitment to vote Conservative.

FYI: Have a look at the full Randy White interview.
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