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—Ian King, December 13, 2004

Thursday, July 29, 2004


Canada's murder capital

Not gang-riddled Vancouver or the decadent metropolis of Toronto, but God-fearing Abbotsford. Yes, the buckle of British Columbia's bible belt, represented in Ottawa by a vulture who made his career out of others' sufferinganti-crime crusader Randy White, had the highest murder rate of any metropolitan area in Canada, tied with rough-ass Regina.

ADDENDUM, 12:10 AM: Abby mayor Mary Reeves is trying to downplay the news, as you'd expect. Her line: using metropolitan areas is misleading; the lower numbers in Vancouver include stereotypically sterile wealthy bedroom communities, while the stats for her burg include mainly the city of Abbotsford, with the surrounding area being about 25% of the Abbotsford metro area's population:
Reeves says if Abbotsford were examined on its own, and compared to larger neighbours such as Surrey, it would be seen in a more favourable light. "But you see Surrey is included in the Greater Vancouver area which also includes many areas like White Rock and West Van that would have a much lower crime rate,"
Okay, uh, yeah. The Vancouver census metropolitan area had a 2001 population of 1.987-million; West Van (41,421) and White Rock (18,250) together have less than 60,000 people, or 3% of greater Vancouver's population. Factor them out if you please, and watch the greater Vancouver murder rate climb from 2.1/100,000 to 2.2, compared to 5.1 in Abby, as reported in StatsCan's Daily.
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